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Feb 11, 2013 2:05am EST
future of consumer technology with samsung vp for strategy david steel from this year's ces show. >> president obama and congressional leaders spoke about faith in public life at this year's fellowship foundation national prayer breakfast in washington. the national prayer breakfast dates back to 1953 with president eisenhower. otheralso hear from guests. this is 90 minutes. ♪ [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama. ♪ [applause] >> a good morning. we have had a wonderful time together to discuss issues and had a joyful time together. we thank you for your attention. mark, is overwhelming -- you can all have a seat, i'm sorry. please have a seat. >> you never know. >> it is overwhelming to think of the pathway that each person took to get to this event today. some from little villages halfway around the world, and some from the 12 blocks away. thank you all for coming. this year's event, which has taken place for 61 years now, began with a group of people who happen to be leaders wanting to get together for breakfast and
Feb 10, 2013 9:35pm EST
. with a great technology base. weaver great research base. we still have an immense -- we have a great research base. we have immense advantages. i think we're going to be fine but we have to learn to compare ourselves with the competition in a way that is nonthreatening and non- negative. we have to have a jobs agenda that is realistic and we need a 10-year budget plan that does not overdo the austerity. because when interest rates go up, you can see we are going to have impose austerity because we cannot stay as 7% of the budget with the debt this big with reasonable interest rates. and do it all in the same spirit that you took out in this last election. i think you will be fine. is a great time to be in public service. there is no reason to be negative about the future. but now that you won this race that with the referendum and a -- in large measure on what the american people did not want, we have to create a future that thehy do want. = = they do want. thank you very much. [applause] >> now conversation with former ohio republican conve congressman. this is 35 minutes. host: we
Feb 16, 2013 7:00pm EST
. technology is still really important. the biggest challenge for the army from a technology perspective is this trade-off between mobility, survivability, and lethality. we found in afghanistan and iraq, because of low-tech weapons we lost our survivability. sorry tom a -- sorry, because we had to focus on mobility. we had to stay on roads. from a technological standpoint, we need people to start thinking about this. we need development and materials, we need to develop new ideas and how we can conduct operations and lethal operations. the last thing we talk about is -- leadership is the key going forward. i believe that in the future, it is about intergovernmental multinational environment. it is the ability of her leaders to operate in this environment, -- our leaders to operate in this environment and be able to move through this. what i have learned in the last 10 years is, it is not about what happened. it is about why it happened. once you figure out why it happened, you can come up with the right combination of solutions to fix the problem. we need to think about that. those are the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3